Open thread, 8/2, #Braves vs. Mr. (Not) May

Based on his numbers in San Diego the last two years, the best comp for Matt Kemp may be the Uptons. Like J-Up, Kemp runs very hot and very cold, especially in the season’s second month. Like Melvin, he has become much less selective at the plate.

He finished April with a healthy .889 OPS. In May he hit .186 with one walk, good for a .189 OBP. Daniel Castro gets on base more. Kemp’s OBP was back over .300, with a slugging percentage near .500, in June and July.

His splits were similar in 2015, when he slugged .212 in May. He rebounded to slug .528 in the second half.

When Kemp was the runner-up to  Ryan Braun for NL MVP in 2011, he walked 74 times and finished with a .399 OBP. He’s one pace to walk half as much this year (16 so far).

Maybe he’ll improve on those numbers now that he’s with his favorite childhood team. He sure seems excited to be here, telling Mark Bowman this is the first time he’s played in a “baseball town.”

If you say so.

The line-up (why is Aybar hitting 2nd?)



2 thoughts on “Open thread, 8/2, #Braves vs. Mr. (Not) May

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  1. He should’ve been MVP that season, even without everyone finding out what a turd Braun was a few months later.

    I don’t think they’re building around him long term. He’s a relatively cheap stop gap until the team gets better, young position players. At worst, he’ll be flipped.

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