Matt Kemp: “a #Braves fan through and through”

Matt Kemp may be a player on the decline, but the dude loves the Braves. Hope he proves me wrong.

Very few people know this, but as a kid growing up in Oklahoma, I was a huge Atlanta Braves fan. See, I come from humble beginnings, and although me and my mom didn’t have a lot of money, I never knew the difference. Our little old TV picked up TBS, which meant I got to watch my Braves, so I was happy. That was my team! I used to rush home from school to finish my homework so I could turn on the TV and watch Chipper Jones, Ron Gant, David Justice, Fred McGriff, Greg Maddux and Jon Smoltz play their hearts out for the Braves.

I will never forget watching Glavine shut down the Indians in Game 6 of the ’95 World Series! For years after that game, you couldn’t tell me that I wasn’t David Justice. I ran the bases with him around our living room when he led off the sixth inning with that homer to right center. …

I enjoyed seeing those guys do their thing, and even though our house was more than 800 miles from Atlanta, it didn’t stop me from developing a love for the team. One year for Christmas I received a Braves jacket and instantly became the happiest kid on the block — as you can tell from the grin on my face in the photo below. And as a young boy I dreamed of one day suiting up and playing in front of the home crowd in Atlanta.

Now, all these years later, I’m going to be able to live out that dream. And I couldn’t be more excited.



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