Open thread, 7/26, #Braves vs. rushing the rebuild

Ozzie Albies and Dansby Swanson are right where they should be. Albies is 19. He’s owned Double-A pitchers but struggled in 56 games at Gwinnett, batting .248 with a .307 OBP. He’s learning a new position alongside the team’s future SS. Let him develop.

Swanson has held his own in Mississippi but hasn’t exactly dominated (.262-.341-.413). He has 69 strikeouts in 89 games. What’s to be gained by him hitting .220 in the season’s last 60 games?

Not much, but there’s tremendous risk when your promote prematurely. Byron Buxton had 72 games above Class-A (four more than Dansby) when he was called up by the Twins last year. At the time Buxton, 21, was rated by just about everyone as the best prospect in baseball.

In 102 games with Minnesota, the second overall pick from the 2012 draft is hitting .206 with a .250 OBP and 118 strikeouts. He’s already been demoted once and his performance merits another return to the minors. But the Twins know what that could do his already fragile confidence.

Swanson is too important to the Braves’ future to take such a chance. 2017 will be here soon enough.

The line-up:



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