Open thread, 7/22-7/25, #Braves vs. the wisdom of trading

As the trading deadline nears, teams are inquiring about the likes of Hunter Cervenka, Dario Alvarez and Ian Krol, according to Ken Rosenthal.

“Other Braves who could be on the move: potential free agents such as infielder Gordon Beckham and outfielder Jeff Francouer and right-handed reliever Jim Johnson,” Rosenthal reports.

Fine by me. Hope we can add Markakis to the list — the Royals are reportedly interested but the Braves would have to settle for very little.

I’m fine with trading one of Cervenka, Alvarez and Krol, but only if you get a bat. You’re probably not going to get much of one. They come cheap, and they’ve pitched well, but the sample size is ever so small. This time around, Coppy’s best moves may be the ones he doesn’t make.

Tonight’s line-up:

Peterson LF, Beckham 2B, Freddie, Markakis, Adonis, Inciarte, Recker, Aybar, Teheran



2 thoughts on “Open thread, 7/22-7/25, #Braves vs. the wisdom of trading

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  1. Well, Julio leaving the game early last night probably extinguishes the flicker of trade rumors involving him, as was probably the case with Arodys when he got hurt as well. I doubt the team could get much for Markakis anyway, but hey, any return is OK by me. Of the relievers, the one I’d most like to see moved is Johnson, because he hasn’t been very good anyway, and the one I’d least like to see traded is Cabrera, but I thankfully, hadn’t heard any noise about him.

  2. There are many things I hate about seeing the Braves in Colorado. One of the worst is that Chip is going to indulge his long held mancrush on Todd Helton and start bleating on about Helton’s not-too-compelling Hall of Fame case.

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