Open Thread, July 19, #Braves vs. Last-Minute Open Threads

It’s not Tyrell Jenkins’ big league debut. But he will make his first, er, second start in a few minutes. Good luck, young fella. Sounds like a cool guy from a radio interview I heard this evening.

I haven’t much to say about this evening’s tilt. CB is relieved the Braves are losing to the Reds. Keep that up and the home team hangs onto the first pick in next year’s draft. Me, I’d rather win a few more games. Could there be much difference between picking first, second, or even third? I doubt it, but then again I’m no draft guru. Maybe there’s another Bryce Harper available. If that were the case, would Liberty spring for the necessary bonus?

Tonight’s lineup:  Beckham 4, Garcia, Freeman, Markakis, Frenchy 7, Inciarte, Recker, Aybar, Jenkins.



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