Open Thread, 7/15-7/17, Braves vs. temptation to trade Julio

My hopes for the second half are modest: Just don’t trade Julio. If he’s a Brave in October, and next March, then I’ll be happy with the rest of the season.

The team’s scribe, M. Bowman, reports that Coppy will likely be “active” at the deadline. This furrows me brow. Bowman speculates that Julio could be had for a couple of elite hitting prospects. I wouldn’t do it. You have a No. 1, at worst a good No. 2 starter, at a huge bargain for four more seasons. So you give that up for a couple of guys who MIGHT bring some offense in two years?

I fear Coppy views the Braves as so many test tubes and beakers, as his laboratory, a vehicle to test his theories. I’m probably wrong, but in dark moments I think he treats the home team like his fantasy roster, and could just as easily be manipulating the pieces for the Rockies or Astros or Cardinals or any other team. Negative me worries he’s not even much attached to the Braves, but rather is out to show that he’s the smartest guy in the room. If he proves to be the smartest GM around, then that figures to help the Braves. But he might not be the biggest brain in MLB.

In any case, as for playing actual games on grass and dirt, seems like it’s been a month. Action resumes tonight as the Rockies visit Hank Aaron Drive for the last time. That Lucas Harrell guy — surely he can’t maintain his sub-2 ERA for even one more start, can he? — toes the slab this evening. The 31-year-old journeyman has baffled in two starts so far. He had a pretty good year in 2012 for Houston, but hasn’t done much else in 90 big league appearances. But good luck to you, Lucas.

He’ll be followed this weekend by Folty and Julio. Tonight’s lineup: Beckham 2B, Garcia, Freddie, Markakis, Francoeur, Pierzynski, Inciarte, Aybar, Harrell.



3 thoughts on “Open Thread, 7/15-7/17, Braves vs. temptation to trade Julio

  1. Yeah, it’s going to take some time for me to relax about Coppy.
    I’m with you about Teheran. Trading him simply leaves a huge hole to be filled. We’ve still got a few of those already. Not wise financially, either.

  2. Congratulations on your observation about how Coppy views the Braves players! It’s an accurate description that you’ll never read from butt-kissing Mark Bradley. Coppy has gone from eating dinner out of trash cans because nobody in baseball would hire him, to thinking he’s now the Einstein of baseball GMs. I’m sure Coppy calls Dave Stewart once a week and thanks him for being the one GM that’s dumber than him.

    The one thing I would add is the cold, heartless and almost inhuman personality of John Hart regarding Braves players (and professional baseball players as a whole). This is a guy who waits until Braves players are on the field in pre-game warm-ups to notify them they’ve just been traded. Hart actually paid the Mets last year to take K Johnson & Uribe, both established clubhouse leaders, when they were the number 2 and number 4 bats on the Braves when traded. Hart demoralizes players because he is devoid of human emotion and respect for professional baseball players. He even seems to resent them as much as he does Braves fans.

    Coppy demoralizes players because he’s incompetent at putting together a winning team comprised of draft picks, rehabs & prospects. But that’s not so unusual, given the caliber of players he’s accumulating, with Lucas Harrell being the latest to go down in flames. The look on AJ’s face last night behind the plate said, “I’d rather be anywhere else than here.”

    Yeah, the Braves will be active at the deadline because Hart & Coppy are both hardcore, addicted gamblers. Players are just their inanimate chips. They’re looking for the next Smoltz, Maddux & Glavine in the trash cans where Coppy once ate. Their sole purpose is to be able to say at the end, “See….We’re smarter than all of you put together, especially you idiotic fans!”

    But what if they’re not?

  3. Yeah – I used to care about this shit but don’t anymore. Whatever, fuck it. Wake me when it’s over.

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