#Braves open thread, 7/4, Rick Camp-aganza

My recollection for the local organ, a long form piece worth your time and 19 things you may not know about the most bizarre game in Braves history. A perfect game by today’s starter Joel De La Cruz would be almost as improbable as Camp’s homer.

Watch for Mets LF Danny Heep’s reaction when the ball clears the fence.

Check out the banner at the 1:44 mark.

Don’t forget the fireworks.


2 thoughts on “#Braves open thread, 7/4, Rick Camp-aganza

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  1. I was working as the sports news editor at The Chattanooga Times when that game was played, and, as was our custom, we held off sending the last couple of pages in hopes of getting the Braves game in, but we eventually had to wrap it up. A couple or three of us stayed around the office and watched a couple more innings, then I went home, and turned on the TV to find to my surprise that it was still going. But after Camp’s homer I decided that like some curse from Coleridge, the game was destined to last forever, and I went to bed and missed the end. But I saw the best part.

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