A performance for the ages, 50 years ago today

No Brave has ever had a better game than Tony Cloninger, 50 years ago. Except maybe Tony Cloninger.

On July 3, 1966, Cloninger set three records, becoming the first National League player to hit two grand slams in a game and the only pitcher ever to do so. And no pitcher has ever driven in 9 RBI in a game, as Cloninger did that afternoon in San Francisco. He also pitched a complete game in the Braves’ 17-3 win.

He might’ve been even better three weeks earlier, when he allowed just one run and five hits in 9 innings. The Braves scored 17 that day as well; Cloninger drove in five on three hits, two homers. He entered the game batting .121.

To sum up:

10 AB, 4 HR, 6 hits, 14 RBI

18 IP, 2 CG, 12 HA, 4 ER, 2 wins


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