Open thread, 6/29, #Braves vs. resentment

Another day, another Liberty Media money grab. The AJC’s Dan Klepal, who has owned the Cobb stadium story, has details on an ordinance , passed at the Braves’ behest, outlawing property owners within a half-mile of the Mallpark from charging for parking during games and other special events.

For thousands of fans, the restriction could mean fewer parking options on game days, making it less convenient or more expensive to go to a stadium with no direct MARTA access. The full impact isn’t known because the Braves haven’t yet released their own parking plan.

The team’s president of development, Mike Plant, who once claimed it takes “about five more minutes” to get to the new stadium if you’re coming from south Fulton (in a flying car, perhaps), said the parking ordinance was enacted due to public safety concerns.

“We know that when fans come to a Braves game, no matter where they park, they associate their experience with the Braves,” Plant said. “Our concerns focused mainly on two areas — safety of the fans and the free flow of vehicles through the areas around the ballpark.

“With that in mind, we requested that the county create an ordinance covering an area around the ballpark to protect fans who are attending the game and ensure that they receive the same safety, security and convenience provided in the lots we control.”

Pissing off your fan base seems like a bad business plan, but maybe that’s just me.

Fuck you, Liberty!

Meanwhile, a pitcher I had never heard of until today takes the mound vs. perhaps the leading contender for the AL Cy Young Award. Joel De La Cruz had a 4.68 ERA this year at Gwinnett. He is the 2016 version of Sugar Ray Marimon.

More good news for Indians starter Danny Salazar:

Peterson, Inciarte, Freeman, Markakis, Garcia, Flowers, Aybar, Bonifacio, De La Cruz






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