Open thread, 6.28, #Braves vs. eh….

I don’t have much. A couple, or five, random thoughts:

  • It’d be good to see Wisler keep working himself back into form after some rough outings. His past two games have been solid.
  • Aybar is hitting .289 with a .396 OBP in his past 15 games.
  • A scribe for the local organ referred to a Braves lefty as a righty in a game story over the weekend. That sort of error is routine, unfortunately.
  • The Indians are good, young and anonymous. There’s pretty much nobody on their team that a casual National League fan would know, and not many even a reasonably committed NL fan would know.
  • A week or so ago, Joe said on the air that he really hopes MLB will recognize the military during the All-Star Game in San Diego. Of course, the Navy has a huge presence in San Diego. I don’t know, Joe. A pro sports league saluting the military–often for pay–is the best bet this side of Jim Powell saying something snide about Bryce Harper if he gets the chance.

Tonight’s lineup: Peterson, Inciarte, Freddie, Markakis, Garcia, Pierzynski, Aybar, Bonifacio LF, Wisler.



3 thoughts on “Open thread, 6.28, #Braves vs. eh….

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  1. I realize investigative reporting is not Rowland’s job, but it would be really interesting to read a detailed account of how Melvin Upton Jr. turned himself around, what the Padres did that the Braves didn’t do, or exactly what happened. This touches on the issue of the quality of the Braves’ coaching and player evaluation staffs. Maybe there is something out there that I have missed on this. Thanks.

  2. Same to the suggestion about Melvin Upton, Jr. What in the world happened with that guy?

  3. I have no clue, but I doubt coaching, etc. has a lot to do with it. He was trending downward with Tampa before he came here. Sometimes guys just rebound. It happens. We are not capable of building a detailed account of what’s going on with BJ/Melvin. We don’t have sources anywhere in baseball, really, and certainly not in San Diego.

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