Open thread, 6.23, #Braves vs. hope?

I’ll admit it. The six-game winning streak gave me a glimmer of hope that this team could play something resembling entertaining, respectable baseball the rest of the season. I still believe that’s possible.

And though I’m probably wrong to think this weekend says much about the long-range course of the team, my own short-term attitude about said team hinges on these next four days against the Mets. If the Braves can even split the series, that will–in my outlook, at least–consolidate the psychic gains from the recent streak. Stumble around and get waxed three or four times, and I’m right back to moping about the home nine.

One good thing is we won’t see Syndergaard, who might well be the Mets’ best pitcher.

Tonight’s batting order: Peterson, Inciarte, Freddie, Markakis, Garcia, Pierzynski, Aybar Bonifacio LF, Wisler.


3 thoughts on “Open thread, 6.23, #Braves vs. hope?

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  1. Brutal replay call, but I also hate how Snitker is a slave to Bobby and Fredi’s belief in the sacrifice bunt.

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