Suddenly, these #Braves are kinda fun to watch

Yeah, they’re hopelessly out of convention and that won’t change. But it’s fun to see the club come alive. Six straight wins is six straight wins. Hell of a comeback, and thanks, Donnie Baseball for pulling Fernandez. Splendid rebound by Viz in the 9th. I thought he was going to cough it up.


3 thoughts on “Suddenly, these #Braves are kinda fun to watch

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  1. Best show on’s hard to explain the recent interest in baseball team but it’s appreciated. I’m very impressed with Snitkers management capabities over a small sample size. If he somehow keeps this team playing .500 ball the rest of the way id like to see him stick. Clearly the chemistry issues were solved ridding of us of fredi. Chemistry is half the battle I’m also a betting man. The braves last four wins they did as +250, +180, +210, and +200 dogs. Amazing. I love your posts and welcome reading them each day. Cheers

  2. I believe the correct word is out of “contention”, not “convention”. Although, with all the craziness of the Trump and Clinton campaigns, you might just be onto something new, lol.

  3. Ah. Right you are, Jeff. The Office’s meager finances don’t allow us to hire copy editors.

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