We’re #1!

Cleveland is no longer the nation’s most long-suffering sports town.

In the words of fascist stooge Juan Antonio Samaranch, it’s Atlanta!



6 thoughts on “We’re #1!

  1. OK, I’m assuming that you’re lumping Green Bay in with Milwaukee and disregarding Toronto (Blue Jays, 1993) because they’re Canadian, and Houston, because its teams have never won squat, and places like Charlotte, New Orleans, Nashville, and Oklahoma City that don’t have a full complement of sports franchises. But I’m thinking it’s Seattle (SuperSonics, 1979), although Cincinnati (Reds, 1990) and Washington (Redskins, 1991) are also worse.

  2. The rankings in that article, as are most “ranked” lists of that sort, are spurious at best. Just like those “most dangerous cities in Georgia” and other clickbait lists that litter my Facebook feed. I’m surprised to see the Times getting in on that act.

  3. Tokyokie, at best, Houston would tie us as the Rockets won back-to-back NBA titles in ’94 and ’95. And for Seattle, don’t forget that the Seahawks won the Super Bowl in 2014.

    I think the only teams that could be ahead of us would be San Diego (no titles ever), Milwaukee, as they have no title since ’71 (the Bucks), and Washington, as their mediocrity stretches back to ’91 with the Redskins. I suppose Cincy could be too, but like Washington they actually have multiple titles associated with them.

    Done for now as it is depressing thinking about this…

  4. Forgot about the Rockets and the Seahawks. (That’s what I get for relying on my faulty memory.) If one were to define a big-league city as one with both an MLB and NFL team, then Milwaukee doesn’t count, unless you give them the Packers, in which case the city has a more recent title. Cincinnati is penalized by not having an NHL or NBA franchise, and Washington didn’t have an MLB team between 1972 and 2005.

    What’s depressing is that Portland, which only has one big-league franchise, has as many titles as Atlanta does, and San Antonio, which, like Portland, only has the NBA team, has several more.

  5. Atlanta:
    50 years of NFL — no title
    50 years of MLB — 1 title
    48 years of NBA — no title
    22 years of NHL — no title

    Roughly 170 seasons, 1 title. That’s unparalleled futility. And of course the one title we have came in a year when most fans resented baseball because of the strike.

  6. The San Diego Chargers won the AFL title in 1963. They have about as good a claim to be World Champions as that year’s Bears team that won the NFL title.

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