Open thread, June 17-19, #Braves vs. crappy commercials

Last year it was the AT&T flash mob jack ass. I had almost forgotten how bad that was, but I just watched it on You Tube. Flash mobs are lame in general, sort of like impromptu line dancing but done by people who think they’re freewheeling innovators.

Every season, there’s at least one maddening commercial that airs several times during every Braves telecast.This season it’s the “Built This Thingy” abortion from Comcast. Maybe Fox Sports should reject all ads from telecommunications companies. Ha.

This year’s shittiest-commercial-ever is a musical featuring a bunch of faux office workers dancing with little satellite dishes to a modified version of an insufferably cheesy pop song from a band that had a proud history before becoming a Journey forerunner. Good Lord. Sorry for that long, clunky sentence. But I trust that sentence isn’t nearly as offensive as the “Thingy” TV commercial. Come to think of it, I hate the “word” thingy.

Oh, this weekend’s series. The Braves are facing three really good pitchers for the defending NL champs on the road. Maybe we can escape from New York with one win. As I type, Freddie just knocked in Inciarte to give our homies a 2-1 lead. With Ron, er, John Gant hurling it’s in the bag!

Tonight’s lineup: Mallex, Inciarte, Freddie, Markakis, Peterson, d’Arnaud, Pierzynski, Aybar, Gant.






3 thoughts on “Open thread, June 17-19, #Braves vs. crappy commercials

  1. A sweep of the defending NL champions! Sucks about Mallex getting the thumb fractured though…I remember when that happened to Heyward. Seemed like it took about a year before he was back to normal again.

  2. That series was fun, but it’s a shame about Mallex. He’s been fun to watch. Sounds like he could be back by late July or August. Now I just hope like hell Coppy doesn’t trade Teheran. He is such a humongous bargain there really is no way to get equal value in return. They would need to get back at least two good, cheap, young major league hitters. That’s not going to happen. Don’t do it, Coppy! And don’t trade Inciarte, either.

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