Open thread, June 14, #Braves vs.the rain

The Braves must have sold 13,190 season tickets for the last stand at the Ted. Last night’s official “attendance,” which is actually the number of tickets sold, was 13,198. It appeared there might have been half that number, if that, in the yard. So I’m estimating the walk-up crowd at eight.

With foreboding skies, and two of baseball’s worst teams scrapping, the turnout might be even smaller tonight. Slim Pickins, as Ernie Sr. used to say.

Actually, it might be a blessing if Mother Nature spares us tonight. Julio is pitching, so the Braves will have at least that going for them. But with the torpid offense and Vizcaino faltering lately — 4 earned runs in his past 6-1/3 innings — it’s exceedingly tough for Julio or the team to win.

Speaking of Teheran, is there another Brave who is remotely qualified to be at the All-Star game? He has a 2.85 ERA and 1.02 WHIP, 2.17 and 0.90 in his past seven starts. It’s not his fault he’s 2-6.

If you want the lineup, you’ll have to go find it. I don’t see it on the team site and frankly I don’t want to spend any more time on this.



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