Open thread, 6/13, #Braves vs. the 2017 draft

Let’s not do anything stupid and sweep the Reds. Winning  10 of their last 16 at the end of 2015 cost the Braves a chance to draft Nick Senzel, the power-hitting third baseman who would’ve been a much better fit than Ian Anderson.

A sweep won’t be easy because, while their pitching is abysmal, the Reds can hit. Four of their starters have reached double figures in homers. The Braves have none.

With 100 games left, the local nine would have to go 45-55 to avoid 100 losses. Ain’t going to happen. I’m not sure 35-65 is realistic.

It’ll help if tonight’s starter, Aaron Blair, establishes some command of the strike zone. Blair is not the only prospect who’s struggling — Dansby’s BA has dropped to .243 at Mississippi. It would be foolish to bring him up to the bigs this year.

But not all the news is bad. Mallex is hitting lead-off. Finally.

Smith, Inciarte, Freeman, Markakis, Garcia, Pierzynski, Peterson, Aybar, Blair



2 thoughts on “Open thread, 6/13, #Braves vs. the 2017 draft

  1. Off topic, but none of the guys in the 1976 Reds World Series lineup pictured above had a regular season OPS+ of less than 100 and none of them stuck out more than 100 times during the season.

  2. My mom’s favorite team and the one I grew up expecting to follow. I did for a couple of years but suddenly it’s 1979 and Rose is with the Phillies, Perez is long gone and there’s a bunch of schmoes like Hume, LaCoss and Ray Knight on the field.

    I was ripe for the picking when WTCG showed up on my dial.

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