Open thread June 8, #Braves vs. history

The home nine hasn’t finished 30 games under .500 in 26 years, since doing it three consecutive seasons from 1988 through ’90. We know what happened next.

Let’s hope this history–the immediate post-1990 history that is–repeats itself, because it will take more than a miracle for the 2016 Bravos to finish fewer than 30 games under break-even. In fact, lose today, and then get swept by the Cubs this weekend, and there we are, 16-46. Chances of losing the next four are reasonably good. If it happens it’d be the second losing streak this season of at least 9 games. Already we’re in the midst of the fourth of at least five games. But citing those kinds of numbers is becoming as tired as another Pierzynski slow roller to second.

Maybe the Braves can trade KJ to the Mets every year. Coppy dealt the unproductive, pudgy-looking Johnson back to the Metros for a righty reliever who was rated New York’s 16th best prospect. Seems a decent return for a guy hitting .215 and playing bad defense at second base.

Julio starts today, so the Braves have a chance. The lineup is not on the Braves official site, but what difference does it really make? One piece of good news: BJ has cooled off, hitting below .200 in his past 15 games to drop his average to .239, and his OBP below .300. That’s more like it.

Batting order: Inciarte, d’Arnaud 2B, Freddie, Francoeur, Markakis, Flowers, Garcia, Castro SS, Julio.


One thought on “Open thread June 8, #Braves vs. history

  1. Our Barves are on the same futility pace as the 2003 Detroit Tigers, 16-42 on June 7th.

    I’m torn. Do I cheer for them to break their losing record of 43 wins or want them to finish with 44 or more? I mean, I know some Detroit Lions’ fans and they’re kind of cool with being the only 0-16 team.

    God help us.

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