Open thread, 6/7, #Braves vs. risk

Selecting a high school pitcher with a top 10 pick generally doesn’t work out, but when it does, look out. Since 2006, 13 high school pitchers were taken among the first 10 picks, including Braves farmhand Max Fried, taken four years ago and still pitching in Single-A ball. Brady Aiken, drafted in 2014, hasn’t even pitched an inning of professional ball. Jameson  Taillon, taken second overall, makes his MLB debut tomorrow.

You’d have to go back to 2007 to find a high school pitcher, Madison Bumgarner, taken that high who’s found sustained success in the majors. A year before, the Dodgers drafted Clayton Kershaw 7th overall. But for every Kershaw and Bumgarner, there’s five Tyler Koleks, Matt Hobgoods or Jacob Turners.

Despite that risk, and despite the organization’s lack of offense, I suspect the Braves will follow tradition and draft another high school pitcher, probably Jason Groome. Time will tell if that’s the right call, and we’re probably talking four or five years. Assuming he succeeds. Not worth the risk, if you ask me.

Speaking of young pitching, Aaron Blair badly needs a good outing. Numbers don’t lie, and Blair’s are bad all around: 7.55 ERA, 1.806 WHIP, 5.2 BB/9 IP, 4.6 K/9, 38 H in 31 IP.

The line-up:

Inciarte 8, d’Arnaud 5, Freeman 3, Markakis 9, Johnson 4, Pierzynski 2, Castro 6, Blair 1, Smith 7



9 thoughts on “Open thread, 6/7, #Braves vs. risk

  1. The Braves’ minor league teams are a combined 34 games under .500.
    Only the Rookie Braves are over .500 (2-0).
    I realize win/losses in minors is not indicative of major league talent, but…

  2. Is Mallex going to continue with his terrible base running? Just because you’re fast doesn’t mean you have that skill.
    Notably, the Braves have had two fast runners that stunk on the bases:
    Ralph Garr & Lonnie Smith.
    Mallex looks like the new ‘Skates’ Smith the way he’s stumbling around the bases.

  3. By all means, let’s push him out the door. That worked great when we lost patience with Brett Butler and Jermaine Dye after a few months.

  4. Brett Butler played almost 300 games w/the Braves before they made the disastrous trade.
    Re: Dye: I hope Mallex is a good player, but I don’t see him hitting 325 homers in
    his career.

  5. Mallex is making a lot of mistakes, but he’s making them at 100mph, at a time when he should be in AAA ball. His base stealing is lousy, yet he’s always had a high steal percentage in the minors. He has a very high strikeout rate, yet his BB to K numbers in the bushes weren’t too bad. He’s hitting very well with runners in scoring position. On the other hand, he’s been owned by lefties. He’s going through growing pains and the Braves will have to put up with it, the same way they’re doing with Wisler, Folty, Blair, etc…

  6. Precisely, which is why essentially damning him as an irredeemable stumblebum after this short a time isn’t a great idea. We’re already in danger of giving Julio away. I’d rather not compound the error.

  7. Never said ‘irredeemable’. In fact if he turns out like Lonnie Smith, that would be pretty sweet.

  8. One last dead horse:
    Re: Mallex
    1) Great Name
    2) Pretty decent hitter so far (surprising power).
    3) Good fielder
    4) Lousy base runner
    Braves should not trade him. They have nobody in the minors to replace him.
    Let’s see if he turns out to be a good player (hope so). Believe me, they need young outfielders.
    The Braves are lacking in speed and it is exciting to see him on the base paths even if it is in a Lonnie Smith-like way.

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