Open thread, June 5, #Braves vs. brooms

The Braves today try to avoid being swept for the seventh time this season. By contrast, the Dodgers have been swept once, and they’re only three games over .500.

On the bright side, Wisler is pitching and Mallex is hitting leadoff, against a lefty no less. Those are reasons to pay attention. Totally sucks about Folty. It’s not supposed to be serious, but just when he appeared to be finding himself, down he goes. It might not threaten his health long term, but it can’t help but set back his development, if only for a few weeks.Still blows.

Today’s lineup: Mallex, d’Arnaud, Freddie, Francoeur, Markakis, Garcia, AJ, KJ, Wisler.



One thought on “Open thread, June 5, #Braves vs. brooms

  1. Will any Brave hit double figures in homers other than Freeman?
    Who would have thunk Mallex would be second in homers!?

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