Open thread, May 31, #Braves vs. Improvement??

Well, the team is 6-6 over its past dozen games. Maybe Snitker is doing something right. Or maybe they’re finding a little offense here and there and getting (mostly) decent starting pitching.

Perhaps it’s a bit of both. In any case, it’d be nice to see borderline competence the rest of the way. The Braves could actually split, or heaven forbid even win this four gamer with the Giants, a first place club. Jake Peavy, tonight’s opposing moundsman, has been almost Shelby Millerian this season. His ERA is over 7. But two of his past three outings have been solid, so there is every possibility that he flummoxes the home nine on Hank Aaron Drive this evening. (It’s Drive, Chip and Joe, not Avenue as they both said during a recent telecast. Which is lame.)

On the other hand, young Mr. Wisler has been sterling, and he leads our worthies onto the diamond tonight. Interestingly, the only hitters who’ve done any damage at all against Wisler are No. 3 hitters. They’re hitting .464 against him with a 1+OPS. No other batting order position is hitting higher than .222, and that’s cleanup hitters. Not sure if that means much, or if it’s just a quirk. But we are at the end of May, not April.

Anyway, tonight’s lineup: ( I like seeing Inciarte and Mallex in there, with Inciarte in center because, for now anyway, he’s the better outfielder.) Inciarte, Beckham SS, Freddie, Flowers, Markakis, KJ 2B, Garcia, Wisler, Mallex. I wouldn’t mind seeing d’Arnuad get more ABs. I kinda like him. My guess is the Braves are hoping Adonis has a couple hot weeks and becomes somewhat attractive to other teams.



5 thoughts on “Open thread, May 31, #Braves vs. Improvement??

  1. Hi Charles: Or, as long we’re hoping, we could hope Adonis fields better and continues to show power this time up. Why trade him when we have no power at present and seemingly no power in the minors? On the other hand, if he fields abysmally like last time, he can’t play in this league, maybe the AL. Unfortunately, my sense is that only a few players actually improve their fielding much once they have made it to the majors.

  2. Fair point, Gary. If he hits with power and cleans up his defense, then maybe they keep him. I woulnd’t object. If he doesn’t, then he probably has little or no trade value, anyway. I just think they might consider dealing him because, A, Coppy loves to trade, B, he’s 31 and, C, the front office probably doesn’t really consider him a key part of the future because he came up as a 30-year-old rookie last year after the Yankees released him. And the Yanks aren’t loaded at the hot corner, with A-Rod getting ancient and Chase Headley hitting in the .220s with little power.

  3. Adonis has 1 HR and 2 doubles in 115 AB, good for a .296 slugging. If he’s on this team again next year we’re in trouble. And he has about as much trade value as Jason Grilli.

  4. Coppy would happily trade Adonis because, with the exception of Freddie, he’s already shipped off all the organization’s position players who are worth anything. And that, really, is the nut of the Braves’ current woes. By my figuring, the most recent MLB regular who’s any good who is a product of the Braves farm system is Andrelton Simmons, who came up in 2012. So it’s been 5 years since the Braves produced an above-average MLB position player (I’m counting Swanson as being a Diamondbacks’ system player), and the guy they have who appears to be the closest to becoming one, Ablies, is 19 and struggling in AAA ball. All of which is to say that we are probably looking at a 6- or 7-year stretch in which the organization’s minor-league system did not produce a single position. Which tells you all you need to know about how the Wren administration (with severe budget restrictions imposed from corporate headquarters) hollowed out the team’s scouting department. Although their persistent insistence that Christian Bethancourt was a long-term solution at catcher pretty much says the same thing.

  5. I would say that Brandon Drury and Tommy La Stella are above average hitters, but you are right there are no other standout hitters developed by the Braves recently.
    Looking @ Gwinnett there are really no young position players there except for Albies, Ruiz and I suppose you could still count Jace Petersen.
    So, it does look bleak for a while.

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