Open thread, May 29, #Braves vs. overconfidence

Just kidding. But it is uncanny the way the Braves are handling the Marlins and no one else. And the Marlins are several games over .500 against everyone else.

I went with the wife, kid and father-in-law to the yard yesterday. First game I’ve attended since opening day. Nice crowd, a Braves win and some generous lad gave us a Chipper-Freddie bobble head, as they were gone by the time we arrived just as the game started. (No, we didn’t take his bobble head. He’d scored an extra.)

I also actually saw a couple of people enjoying the video clips of fake-bearded-fake-fiddler. Wonders never cease. It was fun not seeing the cow. And, thanks Marcell Ozuna, for one of the worst defensive performances I’ve ever seen from a big league outfielder.

As for today, I think the home nine has a decent shot at a sweep with Julio going. However, I’m a little puzzled by Snit’s lineup, especially with AJ catching after Teheran has all but asked that Flowers catch his every start. Also, Mallex is on the pine vs a righty in favor of Frenchy. Francoeur is swinging well, yes, but Mallex needs the ABs and the work on his base running.

The order: Inciarte, Beckham, Freddie, Francoeur, Markakis, AJ, Garcia, d’Arnaud SS, Julio.

  • The photo is apropos of nothing. I just think it’s funny, and I’m running out of time before first pitch.



One thought on “Open thread, May 29, #Braves vs. overconfidence

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  1. “There’s Homer the Brave…what a guy.” – Skip Caray

    Nice call on the Julio-AJP thing.

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