Open thread, 5/28, about that Hardball Times piece

Alex Remington’s article caused much consternation on Braves Twitter, which holds Coppy in the highest esteem. Whatever you think about the rebuild — my feelings are mixed — there’s no denying the Braves have alienated a good portion of their fan base for reasons beyond the crappy product on the field.

“I hate that they’re moving it to a mall in some horrible suburb,” says (Chris) Nicholson, the Massachusetts developer. “Not that I’m tied in with Atlanta or any connection with the South, but I feel I should be rooting for a team that’s in a city, not in a mall, with a bunch of players who come and go.”

“I think Bobby Cox cried the day he traded Dale Murphy. Well, okay! That’s my general manager. He feels the way I feel. I think [GM John] Coppolella traded Simmons to show everyone he could do it.”

Now I’m not sure if Bobby actually cried when he traded Murph, and if he did it was probably because he realized that he could’ve gotten Lenny Dykstra, Howard Johnson and Rick Aguilera but ended up with just Jeff Parrett and Jim Vatcher.

I’m not sure what motivated Coppy to trade Simmons, but I do believe there’s an underlying arrogance that seems to infuse the team’s executive ranks.

Fans weren’t the only ones to object to the trade. Everyone from Keith Law to Dave Cameron found the deal puzzling from the Braves’ standpoint. And it wasn’t like the Angels came to him — there was a concerted effort to move Andrelton. Nick Markakis, meanwhile, was off limits.

Mostly, it’s the move to Cobb that’s driving the resentment. I know several casual Braves fans who live intown who are done with the team. Management is typically blind to such things, evidenced by John Schuerholz’s prediction that attendance would rise this year due nostalgia for Turner Field.

The article ends with a quote from a longtime fan: “I hate these guys.”

It’s a sentiment repeated often beyond the insular world of the Braves Twitter-verse.

On to today’s game …

Think of were the Braves would be without the Marlins. They’re 4-0 against the Fish, 9-34 against everyone else. The absence of Erick Aybar will be huge, of course — he was placed on the 15-day DL today with a foot contusion.

Mallex Smith is not only starting against a lefty, he’s hitting lead-off. This Snitker guy may know what he’s doing.

Smith 8, Beckham 4, Freeman 3, Flowers 2, Markakis 9, Francoeur 7, Garcia 5, Castro 6, Blair 1


3 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/28, about that Hardball Times piece

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  1. Bobby did cry at the press conference announcing Murph’s trade. As Murph tells it, he asked to be traded. He knew he was in decline as a player, and didn’t want the team to feel obligated to him because of what he had done in the past.

    Anyway, that was me quoted in Alex’s article.

  2. “With those two exceptions, the Atlanta Braves were pretty terrible for most of their existence.”

    Lazy, clichéd bullshit. More at home at Bleacher Report than in Alex’s writing.

    I thought Dayton Headlee’s Twitter comments were pretty spot on:

    “I really like Alex’s writing & HBT in general, but this is a rambling lists of complaints, not in any way analytic or incisive….(R)ebuild isn’t even mentioned. It’s like Hart/Coppy decided to be awful for shits & giggles, with no end game. Angry bitch fest.”

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