Open thread, 5/27, #Braves vs. the bottomless pit

The Braves are three games behind the 1988 team’s pace, and I’m becoming increasingly convinced they’ll never catch up.

The ’88 Braves would win games 47 and 48 against the Pirates by a combined score of 25-3. Imagine this line-up, or whatever slight variation of it that appears tomorrow night, managing that kind of output.

Inciarte, Beckham 4, Freeman, Flowers, Markakis, Francoeur 7, dArnaud 5, Aybar, Perez



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  1. Tokyokie says:

    They’re not only 3 games off the torrid pace of the ’88 Braves, they’re even with the 1962 Mets through 46 games. And as of game #46, that club was 15 games into a 17-game losing streak. The Mets would go on to have two more double-digit losing streaks, but to be even with a team that had basically lost consecutively a third of the games it had played that season is stunning.

    That this team cannot score runs is no surprise. It has no power and little to no production from catcher, third base, and the corner outfield spots. You know, the traditional power positions in a day-to-day lineup. And the saddest part is that I cannot identify anybody currently in the Braves’ system who seems to be a good bet to fill any of those slots.

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