Open thread, 5.25, #Braves vs. Brauns

I recall hearing some first-rate heckling at a game vs. Milwaukee two or three years ago. A guy was researching all sorts of personal info about the cheating, back-stabbing Ryan Braun and using said info to taunt the then right fielder. It was funny. And at that time, it was still a bit of a novelty to see someone surfing the web with a phone, at a baseball game.

In particular, I recall the fan yelling about how disappointed Coach (I forget the name) would be in Braun. It was the name of Braun’s high school baseball coach.

In any event, the Bravos look to score more than a lone run tonight as Folty looks to rediscover his touch from a couple starts ago. It would be highly encouraging if he does so.

Meanwhile, Tim Lee, Liberty Media’s buddy and chairturd of the Cobb County Commission, will be in a runoff after some other guy outpolled him in yesterday’s Republican primary. For those of you unfamiliar with metro Atlanta, in Cobb as in most suburban counties here, the GOP primary is the general election. It’ll be interesting to see if Lee hangs onto his job. Not that it’ll matter to the mallpark’s opening and so on, but it’s as close to a referendum on it as Cobb voters will ever get.

Back on the diamond, does anyone else think it’s time to move Mallex up in the order? Those pesky base-running gaffes aside — like oversliding the damn base and getting tagged out — he’s really coming around. The average is almost to .250 after languishing below ye olde Mendoza Line for what seemed a few weeks. He has more homers and a higher batting average than Markakis. Last night Mallex, driver in of the club’s only run, only got three plate appearances batting ninth. Unfortunately, he’s there again this evening. I get leaving him where he is hitting and feeling comfortable. Perhaps that’s the right call.

But at some point, presumably this season, he’s going to hit leadoff, or maybe second. And right now, he’s better than Inciarte or Markakis or anyone else we have hitting leadoff or second. So move him up, Snit. Maybe tomorrow night.

The lineup: Inciarte, d’Arnaud, Freddie, Markakis, Pierzynski, Aybar, Brignac, Folty, Mallex. We write it almost daily, but especially tonight that 4-8 part of the order has to rank among the worst collections of supposed middle-of-the-order hitters ever assembled for a big league game. For fun, on this date in 1988, that gaggle of retreads and sad sacks lined up a fading Murph, an aged Ken Griffey Sr., Oberkfell, Paul Runge and a highly-unproductive-by-then Bruce Benedict in those lineup spots. Not so different from tonight.  And that evening’s starting hurler was another young guy trying to find his way in the bigs. But that dude was a lefty and he’d win more than 300 games and author the most consequential eight innings in Atlanta Braves history seven years later.


3 thoughts on “Open thread, 5.25, #Braves vs. Brauns

  1. I really, really detest Craig Counsell. I have for many years.

    Just felt that needed to be said.

  2. Pepe, I also hate Counsell, for the fact that he was our 90’s version of Craig Reynolds and JR Reynolds: average players who always killed the Braves.

    If Mallex Smith is your leadoff man for the future, why hit him 9th? For the Braves, the future is now. Put him at leadoff and have Inciarte bat second.

    Not that I want anything to do with Cobb County, but I watched that commission chair race with great interest. A lot of Cobb voters are finally getting a chance to let their negative feelings towards the Braves deal be heard, without fear of being escorted from the premises.

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