Bad #Braves contracts didn’t end with Wren

We were impressed when Hart and Coppy unloaded Melvin’s contract before the start of the 2015 season. Unfortunately, they’ve replaced it with another albatross that’s more expensive, just as unproductive and surlier.

This monster contract is two-headed and will cost the Braves $17 mil next year, about the same amount owed to Melvin. But San Diego’s commitment to the elder Upton brother ends there.

Not so for the Braves. Nick Markakis and Hector Olivera are due $18 million in 2018. Markakis will be a free agent after that but the Braves will still Olivera $16 million through 2020.

That’s a lot of dough for the 21st Century version of Ken Oberkfell and a guy who may have played his last game as a Brave (or so I hope). Even if he does return, the odds of Olivera — who’s appeared in only 138 games since 2011, most of them in Cuba — giving the Braves anything but heartburn are slim.

Good luck trading these guys.


One thought on “Bad #Braves contracts didn’t end with Wren

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  1. A team that’s deluding itself that Nick will help them (or possibly that it’s in the race at all) will likely take him off of our hands. I’d like to get more than a 23 year old project stuck in A ball back but as long as he’s out of the way of Inciarte and Smith, I’ll be okay.

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