Open thread, 5/24, #Braves vs. indifference

A late OT, and apparently a late-arriving crowd at The Ted tonight. No way there’s more than 5,000 people watching the Braves and the Brewers battle.

Very encouraged to see Tyler Flowers get the start against a right-hander. Kudos to Snit.



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  1. Gordo says:

    At least we here in Atlanta have excellent media guys covering our team. Take Kevin McAlpin on 680 the Fan. I learned from him this morning that Aybar has “very quietly” been playing much better defense lately. Quietly? I’ll say. He also informed the listeners that the Braves don’t want to let one of the Brewers big boppers beat them, but it will also be really frustrating if one of their obscure players gets you. In either case, McAlpin opines, you tip your hat and move on. Damn. Typical insight from this guy. Speaking of insight, did anyone read that sterling piece of journalism the other day where DOB took us right inside the Braves’ front office, with all the inside dope on Fredi’s firing? Again, typical from that lazy hack. Guess he was too busy eating ‘cue, listening to Hag and the Pogues and just generally being a bitchin’ biker motherfucker to actually tell us something we didn’t already know. So let’s see, Dave. The Braves bullpen sucks. Fredi has a winning overall record. He got a contract extension. The Braves are rebuilding, but only admitted that recently. They traded a bunch of good players for young guys. Hmmm. Cut, paste, repeat. Gotta go see what Ken Rosenthal and Jerry Crasnick are writing. Or better yet, take a few days off in the middle of the season to see Wilco or the National. The guy had factual errors in his Opening Day game story — called Ryan Zimmerman a lefty hitter and then had the potential game-ending double play, when Aj dropped a throw home to set the tone for his season, in the 8th inning somehow.

    Enjoy your blog, guys.

  2. Tokyokie says:

    The crowd may have been meager Tuesday, but I’m sure most of the Ryan Braun fans in the area were holding off coming to the ballpark until Jewish Heritage Night on Thursday.

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