Open thread, 5/22, #Braves vs. 39-year-old catchers

Why is A.J. Pierzynski starting more than one game a week? By any statistical measure you choose to use, Tyler Flowers is the better defensive catcher. Julio Teheran raved about the job he did calling his last game. And his OBP is more than .100 points higher than A.J.

But there’s a right-hander pitching today so gotta get our washed-up backstop in the line-up. Never mind that the Braves haven’t had a worse defensive catcher since Dale Murphy. And now that he’s turned into Paul Bako with the bat, why keep running him out there? I wish someone would ask Brian Snitker that question.

Ending on a positive note, don’t be surprised if Casey Kelly pitches well. He was once regarded as one of the 30 best prospects in baseball, and he’s been solid at Gwinnett (2.63 ERA, 1.115 WHIP).

The line-up:

Inciarte 7, d’Arnaud 5, Freeman, Markakis, Beckham 4, Pierzynski, Castro 6, Kelly 1, Smith 8.





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