Fredi fired, Snitker hired


Our long Braves nightmare is over. Brian Snitker, who was on Eddie Haas’ coaching staff, takes over as interim manager. I’ll be shocked if he serves beyond this year. But he’s a capable, loyal organization man who will follow the front office’s directives. I’m guessing Mallex receives more playing time against lefties now.

It seems evident Hart and Coppy want to go outside the organization for their next manager, a smart move despite my respect for TP and Eddie Perez. TP will now be bench coach, replacing the fired Carlos Tosca. Eddie supplants TP at first base, and Marty Reed, whom I’ve never heard of, is the new bullpen coach.

Dave Martinez gets my vote for manager in 2017. Or Alex Cora. Bud Black is likely to receive consideration though I’d prefer a fresh voice.

Remembering “Five Days of Fredi Haas.” 


8 thoughts on “Fredi fired, Snitker hired

  1. Dear Braves fans,
    This is going to hurt, but it’s going to be worth it in the long run. My Nationals weren’t good enough to be called bad in those lean years where the Braves (and everyone else) cleaned our clock. But in those dark times, this is who joined the organization:
    C-Wilson Ramos (obtained for a so-so closer we didn’t need — Matt Capps)
    SS–Danny Espinosa (mid-range draft pick)
    3B–Anthony Rendon (#6 pick)
    CF–Michael Taylor (mid-high draft pick)
    RF–Bryce Harper

    There was also Stephen Srasburg, Jordan Zimmermann, Tanner Roark and a host of others.

    The Nats did it, the Mets did it, the Phillies seems to have done it. The Cubs really did it. You’ll do it.

    I was a Braves fan until baseball returned to Washington in 2005. You’ll never have 1991-2004 again because you don’t have Turner’s money to plug the gaps every season. So you have to go through these periods.

    But I liked Fredi. He probably knew this would happen and my guess is he had some deal with the front office to protect him if it had to.

  2. Sometimes you just gotta do the time-honored tradition and take one for the organization on your way out the door. Fredi wasn’t the brightest bulb and some days I woulda rather had Freddie Blassie filling out the lineup card, but the front office didn’t do him any favors with what they gave him to work with this year. I won’t call it the Atlanta Screwjob, but it was close.

  3. When Fredi had good players, what did he do? 2011-September collapse (9-18). 2012-WC debacle at home. 2013- 13-14 September record. NLDS G4 Fredi leaves Kimbrel in bullpen. 2014-September collapse (7-18). 2015-Not a good team but another September collapse (10-17)

  4. It was time. Actually, it was well past time for this; I have no idea why Fredi was allowed to start the season in charge. Every one knew this season was going to be a grease fire. Snitker is obviously a placeholder; a long time company man who gets to put this on his resume. I’m actually relieved that TP and Eddie were passed over.

  5. I only hope Bobby Cox doesn’t make the decision on the new manager. Bobby is in my opinion one of the greatest managers of all time. He is a great player evaluator. He is not a good Manager evaluator

  6. I hope they go outside the organization. I love TP and Eddie, but seems a fresh perspective is the way to go.

  7. Dave Martinez is probably the best blend of a guy who knows the modern game but who we also know is cool, from his tenure here. Best of both worlds.

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