Open thread, 5/15, #Braves vs. Tyler Flowers batting clean-up

Pretty giddy about Folty’s outing last night. Julio wasn’t at his best Friday but pitched with authority, completing 7 allowing only two runs. And now you’ve got your most consistent starter on the mound in the rubber game. The Braves may actually win a series, against the defending world champs.

Wisler may have to pitch a shutout, of  course, but Fredi throws him a bone today, starting Mallex against a lefty. He’s hitting 8th but at least he’s playing. The rest of the line-up remains the worst in baseball.

Markakis (DH), Beckham, Freddie, Flowers, Francoeur, Inciarte, D’Arnaud, Mallex, Castro


2 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/15, #Braves vs. Tyler Flowers batting clean-up

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  1. We’re now midway through May, and the Braves have yet to hit double figures in either wins or home runs. The Phillies have the second lowest home run total, and they’ve hit 20 more than the Braves have. Through 36 games, this year’s Braves are 2 games worse than the 1988 Braves were, 3 games off the pace of the 1962 Mets.

  2. If you remove the few games Freddie Freeman has batted fourth, Braves cleanup hitters have 1 homer & three doubles for the year.

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