Open thread, 5/13, #Braves vs. the truth

I found Coppy’s recent interview with DOB somewhat off-putting. We already know he cuts a defensive posture, one that can lead to bouts of dickishness (see his quote about Justin Upton, a good guy by all accounts). A few others stood out:

  • “We’ve been honest with the fans about everything that we’ve tried to do,” said Coppolella, who, along with his boss, president of baseball operations John Hart, have become polarizing figures among Braves fans, some of whom fully understand and approve of the rebuild, others who believe they were misled about how long it would take for the Braves to become good again.

Not really. We were told the Braves would rebuild but remain respectable. Few believed it. And if signing Kyle Kendrick, Bud Norris, Jeff Francoeuer and starting Adonis at third base isn’t tanking, tell me what is. .

  • “We said we’d try to put a better team on the field (in 2016); that remains to be seen. We said we’re going to build around young players. We’ve already brought up Blair, (Mike) Foltynewicz and Mallex. We’ve got Ozzie Albies, Rio Ruiz, Dansby Swanson, Lucas Sims, Tyrell Jenkins on approach. They’re all real close. They could be called up at any point this season.”

We still don’t know what we have with Blair, Folty and Mallex. I see no need to rush Dansby or Ozzie — why get the arbitration clock ticking? Ruiz had a nice start but is striking out way too much (38 Ks in 34 games) without much power (2 HR, .395 slugging).

Sims is maddeningly inconsistent, dominant one outing, Kyle Kendrick the next. Jenkins’ 3.03 ERA looks good but he’s allowed 41 hits and 16 walks in 38-2/3 IP and still isn’t missing many bats (26 Ks).

I guess it depends on what you mean by “real close.”

  • “Dave, we’re going to be really good. My hope, and I don’t know whether or not it’s going to happen, is that Fredi is here to see it. I don’t know that he will be, I don’t know that he won’t be. I want him to succeed. I care about the man personally.”

Bullshit. I’d have a lot more respect for Fredi if he told Coppy to go fuck himself.

Tonight’s line-up, featuring Tyler Flowers batting clean-up:

Markakis DH, Inciarte 7, Freeman 3, Flowers 2, Johnson 4, Francoeur 9, Beckham 5, Smith 8, Aybar 6 



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  1. I remember not so long ago when the Braves’ farm system was one of the best in baseball. But, as the roster bereft of talent demonstrates, that hasn’t been the case for a while. And the decline in the Braves’ player development would appear to pretty much be coincidental with Liberty’s acquisition of the club. Sure glad that the Used Car Salesman decided that the prospective owner that offered Time-Warner the best tax advantages was the one to support.

  2. Fredi did kind of go tell Coppollela to go fuck himself in that “Fire me or extend me” quote after all the stories about his imminent dismissal ran (i.e., were floated as trial balloons by Coppy). I’m not sure if Coppolella just got scared or Cox threatened to throw another tantrum but it looks like it had it’s desired effect, at least for now.

    This FO is a dysfunctional mess, with four people all pulling in their own direction. Coupled with the ridiculous ownership situation, his team feels like ship becalmed in the Horse Latitudes.

  3. atlmalcontent, And, I might add, the Braves’ fortunes crested with the 1995 World Series victory, about a month after the Time-Warner acquisition of Turner Broadcasting was announced, but before the deal was finalized. In other words, the Braves have prospered with local ownership, have done otherwise with out-of-town corporate overlords. Although I’d say that Liberty seems more disconnected than previous regimes, as pepe’s thoughts about the management dysfunction corroborate.

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