Open thread, 5.12, Why #Braves brass hasn’t sacked Fredi

  1. Coppy is scared Bobby will kick his ass.
  2. Coppy is scared Fredi will kick his ass.
  3. Coppy is scared Fredi’s agent will kick his ass.
  4. Coppy is scared Walter Banks will kick his ass.
  5. Maffie, Malone and Co. have instructed Coppy, Hart, et al not to fire Fredi so they won’t have to pay two managers.
  6. Fredi bought a passel of the new Braves stock, so Liberty is afraid he’ll dump the shares and hurt the price if he gets canned.
  7. MM&C are concerned a firing might hurt the monetization thesis.
  8. MM&C are still negotiating to have Fredi manage the movie theater at the Battery.
  9. Coppy and friends want to see how Fredi handles a disaster that becomes a catastrophe crossed with a cluster fuck.

Enough of that. Can the home team put together a winning streak? Blair has pitched nicely, but so has tonight’s opposing hurler. And there’s this: The Braves have averaged 2.5 runs in 19 games since sweeping the Marlins. Greg Maddux had a 2.63 ERA as a Brave, so it’s been like the Braves are facing a hall of fame pitcher every night.

The pain. We wander on through the offensive desert. Who knows, though? Perhaps Freddie comes up with a couple of men on at some point. The lineup:

Markakis, Inciarte, Freddie, KJ 2B, Pierzynski, Beckham, Aybar, Blair, Mallex.

We could ask this question every night, but can anyone recall a more torpid 4-6 in a major league lineup? The three have combined for 15 RBI, no homers and 9 doubles. Here’s an even more depressing stat: of the players on the big league roster, Aybar is third in hits. Garcia is actually third, even though he’s been in the minors for a week now. Oy. Coppy said Aybar would be a good offensive addition. So there you go.

A still more depressing fact: we have two players on the roster who have hit home runs this season, Freddie and Mallex.



5 thoughts on “Open thread, 5.12, Why #Braves brass hasn’t sacked Fredi

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  1. Why fire Fredi? Could Earl Weaver win with this roster? Could John McGraw? The team is playing exactly to its level of talent. Now, that has not been true in past seasons, but to fire Fredi now makes little sense.

  2. Nobody thinks he should be winning with this team. That’s a total strawman.

    If Tolstoy worked for the AJC, maybe he could catalog the breadth and depth of Fredi Gonzalez’s utter worthlessness but I doubt it. I think it’s beyond human understanding.

  3. Straw man? This team arguably has over performed by winning eight (8) games. This is not a big league roster.

  4. It’s a strawman in the sense that it’s beside the point and a convenient dodge for his apologists. Most of the people clamoring for his firing have a long list of grievances from his abortion of a tenure as Manager, not just this nightmare of a season.

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