Open Thread, May 10, #Braves vs. is it September yet?

Wisler is pitching tonight. That’s worth at least a glance.

The Braves could sweep this series, and they’d still be 10 games behind the Phillies. We were supposed to be about as good as Philadelphia this season. So we thought. But take heart! Coppy has acquired a 32-year-old AAA catcher. If this means AJ is on the way out, good. I salute him for last year, but he clearly has nothing left, behind nor at the plate. Three quarters of his at-bats this season have come hitting cleanup and 5th, and he has a worse slugging percentage than Jhoulys Chacin. That tells you all you need to know about the 2016 Braves.

Markakis, Inciarte, Freddie, Flowers, Francoeur, Beckham 3B, d’Arnaud 2B, Aybar, Wisler.

Guess you can’t have Mallex face a lefty. God. Has a more dispiriting lineup ever been assembled for a big league game? The Phil’s starter, some Morgan guy with a 6 ERA, is probably warming up already, champing at the bit. Walk Markakis and Freddie, be a little careful with Inciarte and he’s home free.



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