End the Fredi fiasco

The Braves have had five years to evaluate Fredi. They know what kind of manager he is. Yes, it’s not fault the Braves suck so bad. But that doesn’t mean he’s blameless.

It’s one thing to start Jeff Francoeur and his .552 OPS over Mallex Smith. It’s another to believe starting Francoeur gives you a better chance to win. But that’s Fredi’s calculation. Developing Mallex should be the priority, not trying to win 60 games.

Time for Coppy to grow a pair and sharpen the ax. And take off that ridiculous skull cap while you’re at it. I know the Braves employ a manager who’s overmatched. Increasingly it looks like the GM is also out of his league.






6 thoughts on “End the Fredi fiasco

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  1. Could it be they do not want to rock the boat with the upcoming international signings in July? My guess is they want to make sure those players sign before making a move and getting rid of Fredi. I dont see him making it into August though

  2. The longer Coppy keeps Dead Head Fred around, the easier it is for him to dump the blame for on the manager for the miserable season. But if having an Hispanic manager will grease the skids for signing a couple more Caribbean prospects, then we might as well keep the boob around, because the team will still lose 100+ games either way. Although the last I checked, Eddie Pérez is from Venezuela (as is the top prize in the international free agent sweepstakes).

  3. Eddie or TP need not be a sacrificial lamb. Managers can be judged beyond wins and losses. Hopefully management gives them a fair shake, but I have no such confidence in this group.

  4. atlmalcontent, Nor do I, which is the main reason I’m ambivalent about firing Fredi’s lame ass. If somebody replaces Fredi before season’s end, that manager will also have a terrible record because the talent is so pathetic, and I’d like whoever gets the job to at least have a fair chance to win.

  5. Who would want the job? What man in his right mind would want to be a character in this Purgatorio?

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