Open Thread May 7, #Braves beat on, boats against the current ….

…. borne back ceaselessly into the awfulness.

Apologies to F. Scott Fitzgerald. There are few outlandish parties happening on Hank Aaron Drive this year, unless it’s for opposing teams. So far visitors have a .929 winning percentage in the final stand for the grand old ballpark by the interstate. Surely that can’t last — can it? — but if it went that way all season, the other teams would go 75-6 here.

Tonight the home boys get to face erstwhile pal Shelby Miller. By some measures he’s been the worst starting pitcher in baseball this season. He’ll almost certainly come around, probably starting tonight, but even so, how did Dave Stewart give up Swanson, Blair and Inciarte for him? Man, if only Coppy could make every trade with the D-backs. Speaking of, has anyone ever seen worse uniforms? Good Lord. They look like a baseball version of the XFL. Maybe Miller will change his name to He Hate Me.

One last note. Plucking out unflattering numbers on this year’s Braves squad is like shooting fish not in a barrel but a coffee mug. Still, I stumbled across this one playing around with the stats on the Braves official site. Cubs pitchers his year have 9 RBIs, two more than our cleanup hitters. The guy who’s hit there most of the time is back in Buford, of course. Adonis tried his hardest. He’s just not quite good enough to be a real, everyday big leaguer. No matter what Coppy told us about how good this team was supposed to be. How many other opening-day cleanup hitters are in AAA? I suspect he’s the only one.

In any case, we can hope Julio continues his recent good work this evening. His mates in order: Markakis, Inciarte, Freddie, Pierzynski, Brignac (never thought I’d long for the return of G. Beckham, but here we are), Aybar, Castro, Julio, Mallex.



5 thoughts on “Open Thread May 7, #Braves beat on, boats against the current ….

  1. Another day, another loss. The Snakes come into Atlanta with a 6-game losing streak, leave with a 3-gmae winning streak. The Braves, at 1-15 at the Ted, own the worst home start since the 1913 Yankees lost their first 17 decisions (although they had one tie). And the 7-23 start is the worst in franchise history since 1900. This year’s bunch is 2 games behind the torrid pace of the 1988 Braves, 4 games back of the 1962 Mets.

    Again, this isn’t merely a bad team, it is a historically bad team.

  2. Looking forward to Swanson and Albies getting up here so Fredi can start working his special magic with them.

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