Fredi’s final hours

So who makes out the line-up card Friday? There’s a good chance it won’t be Fredi.

According to Joel Sherman, Fredi gave management an ultimatum before today’s game.

Gonzalez said he had just gotten off the phone with general manager John Coppolella and said he told his boss: “There are only three outcomes: 1) Fire me. 2) Give me a vote of confidence through the rest of the season. 3) Pick up my 2017 option. … I am good with any of this.”

It doesn’t sound like numbers 2 or 3 are going to happen.

“It is hard for me [to talk about Gonzalez’s status] because I care about him greatly,” Coppolella said. “But we have to find ways to get better.”

Sherman mentions the usual suspects, and a wild card, one first reported a few months ago by Mark Bowman.

One outside-the-box candidate is former Braves utility man and current MLB Network analyst Mark DeRosa, who was drafted by Atlanta and played his first seven seasons with the club. He is said to be well-regarded by many key Atlanta executives.




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  1. Coppolella said. “But we have to find ways to get better.”

    Not going into the season with Adonis Garcia as your starting 3B and cleanup hitter would have been a good start.

  2. Normally, I would salute anyone who said something like that for having balls (or at least chutzpah, going down fighting on the way out.) In FG’s case, either he’s actually that damned dumb or he’s counting on Cox to save him, yet again.

  3. Why should Fredi be fired now? Let the 45-117 hang around his neck, THEN fire him.

  4. After this gig, do you think Fredi Gonzalez will ever manage in the majors again? Not even the Marlins will take him at this point.

  5. Trying to put this season on Fredi is disingenuous, at best. There’s a good case for firing Fredi based on his entire body of work here, including a few bonehead moves this season. But this talk of “getting better” right now is utter bullshit. Coppy built a 2016 roster with zero chance to compete in the big leagues. It’d have trouble winning the International League. Coppy knows that, regardless of his pabulum about being better. So fire Fredi. Be done with it. But please. Stop this nonsense about this year’s club underachieving. And if they want to fire him, why didn’t they do it before now? Why extend his contract last year or the year before? He didn’t get a whole lot worse this season.

  6. From Bud Norris to A.J. to Jim Johnson, Coppy missed badly on the placeholders he signed/re-signed this year. There were other options out there, and some of them have thrived (Mat Latos, David Hernandez, etc.). And it was Coppy who insisted Aybar would make the Braves better in 2016. I’m for getting rid of Fredi, but my opinion of Coppy would improve if he took some responsibility. So far he hasn’t, and his lackeys in the Braves Twitterverse don’t think he should be held accountable for anything.

  7. The only major league acquisitions Coppy’s made that I’ve liked have been Chacin (yeah, I still like Chacin), Tyler Flowers and Kelly Johnson. There’s a lot of players on this roster who are toast and have been for a while and that’s the GM’s fault.

  8. I’m no fan of Fredi Haas, but he’s been treated shabbily. These rumors have been swirling out there for some time now. That he has to make a public ultimatum in order to maintain his dignity is speaks poorly for the Front Office. That’s where these leaks have been coming from. Coppy is a weasel.

  9. Jon, I think Inciarte will prove a good player for the Braves and possibly a valuable trade chip. That’s about it for Coppy’s major league acquisitions. Ultimately, I think the Braves will be good in a couple of years. But boy would it be refreshing to see the GM grow some thick skin and a bit more decency.

  10. Hey Charles!

    I’d be happier about Inciarte if I’d heard anything aside from “he’s great trade bait!” That basically means more prospects. So I didn’t consider any contributions from him at the major league level. Think he’ll be traded in June? Or will the team wait until the July deadline?

  11. Who knows re Inciarte? I’d kinda like to keep him. He’s a great defender and a good offensive player who is cheap for a few more years. Now, if they can use him to acquire something we don’t have — especially a good power bat — then it might make sense to deal him. That would probably mean packaging him with other players.

  12. For the record, after Wednesday night’s game, the Braves had completed exactly one-sixth of their regular-season schedule, and they are even with the pace of the 1988 Braves, 2 games behind that of the 1962 Mets.

  13. I’d be happy if the Braves kept Inciarte too. I also would’ve been happy if they kept Simmons. The current regime seems a bit prospect happy. Gotta have good major leaguers too.

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