Open thread, 5/3, remembering when #Braves were 19-6

After 25 games in the 1997 season, the Braves were 19-6, the inverse of this year’s record-setting futility.

They won Game 25, 12-2, over the Reds, slugging three homers, or as many as these Braves have over the last 24 games. Check out the batting averages of some of the regulars: Kenny Lofton .395; Michael Tucker .418 (20 RBI); Chipper .322;  Javy .342. Denny Neagle, the Braves 4th starter, won his 4th that night.

After 25 games the ’97 Braves had five more wins than the Cubs and White Sox combined. The 2016 Braves have five more losses than the Chicago teams. Matt Harvey appears poised to rebound after a slow start, and with Reid Brignac batting 6th, you gotta like his odds.

But I’m bullish on Matt Wisler, who has pitched better than his numbers. The long ball remains his bane, so the Mets figure to be especially problematic.

The line-up:

Markakis 9, Garcia 7, Freeman 3, Johnson 4, Pierzynski 2, Brignac 5, Aybar 6, Wisler 1, Smith 8





3 thoughts on “Open thread, 5/3, remembering when #Braves were 19-6

  1. Coming into the season, the Phillies were generally projected to be as bad as the Braves.
    Maybe it won’t hold up, but the Phillies are 15-11 w/a very young rotation.
    Their oldest pitcher is Hellickson @ 29. They made a great trade w/the Astros by sending them their closer Giles to get Velasquez, a 23 year old starter. Also, their lineup is not generally weighed down by retreads like the Braves.

  2. Wisler needs a nickname. That was splendid, especially against a hot offense and arguably the best team in the NL.

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