TP for manager

Despite Snitker’s stance, my opinion hasn’t changed. 

He was an able batting instructor — Braves hitters led the NL in OBP his last season on the job — who took the fall because he couldn’t fix Frenchy. He turned down overtures from teams including the Dodgers to stay with the organization. And he’s watched every mismanaged game of Fredi’s tenure, knowing deep down the job should’ve been his.

With Fredi all but gone, it’s time to make things right. Terry Pendleton should be the next Braves manager, and not just because it’s his turn.

Those of us who followed the team in the 90s know how important TP was to those teams. He was a manager on the field, a calming presence who kept the young guys believing. He learned from the best, playing for Bobby and Whitey Herzog most of his career. And there’s no doubt he would have the respect of his players.

Of course none of us really knows what kind of tactician TP, or, for that matter, Eddie Perez, would be. But TP has earned the chance.





9 thoughts on “TP for manager

  1. I like Eddie, but holding Terry accountable for an incident nearly a quarter of a century old is ridiculous. Have never figured out why Braves fans don’t give TP the appreciation he deserves. W/o him ’91 never happens.

  2. I’m neutral on Pendleton as a manager. I think he’s paid enough dues to have a shot, but i would prefer he had experience managing a rotation and bullpen n the minors for a year or two. Small issue, but a concern.

    My bigger issue with Pendleton is that I’m not sure he has the temperament. The Freeman incident was a quarter century ago, but it was just a couple of years ago that he was grabbing a player by his shirt and threatening him with violence. Granted, that player was a jackhole…but still.

    I think that if the Braves do fire Fredi, the remainder of the season is a good chance to audition an out of the box or inexperienced option, like Pendleton or Perez. That puts them in position to make an informed decision in the off-season as to whether they want to go with one of those guys, or a “name” guy, like a Bud Black or Ron Gardenhire (ugh)…or whether they want to go with a younger guy.

  3. You know who would, on occasion, kick management and coaches out of the clubhouse and straighten the team out? That was Terry Pendleton. Know what we need now?

  4. Mark is exactly right. TP knew when to jerk a knot in somebody’s ass when he was the unofficial team captain then and that is precisely what we need now.

    In addition to his staggering ineptitude as a tactician and his “Don’t look at me, it’s that kid’s fault” media persona, another thing I despise about Fredi Hass is that, like his namesake, he likes to stand there in the dugout and look stupid. In so many situations where Cox would’ve been out on the field as fast as his wobbly knees could carry him, this asshole just stands there and acts like he’d rather be back at the hotel (something I usually agree with him about.)

    TP is FAR more like Bobby on that score. I remember that game. (I listened to it on the radio…try explaining that to a kid today.) If anyone thinks he fucking QUIT on the team, they need a refresher course on what happened. Tim Belcher (who was a grouchy, old school asshole) had plunked Deion in the back. When he came up the next time, Marvin Freeman threw him a normal pitch, rather than retaliating. TP thought it was indicative of a lack of protection and concern for Deion so he demonstrated that by walking off.

    I don’t think for a minute that Marvin felt that way but he probably shouldn’t have needed to be specifically told to plunk Belcher. In any case, Bobby disciplined Terry and Terry smoothed everything over with Marvin and the rest of the team the next day.

    I’ve read people elsewhere who think he would be a continuation of the current regime but I could not disagree more. I’m far more convinced of what CB asserts above, namely that Pendleton sits every night and watches this buffoon ride this once great organization further and further into the ditch and he’s quietly, deep down, seething. He’s the guy to make things different. He’s already done it once before.

  5. I would love to see TP get the job.

    I know that Cox thought Freeman was a complete asshole. I strongly doubt he was the only one on the team who thought so. When TP walked off the field, I bet the team saw the action for what it was: sticking up for the team.

  6. I don’t want Pendleton to get the job simply because I like the guy and would prefer he be given a fair shot. Fredi’s got the team on pace to lose a whopping 127 games. Pendleton would have done a remarkable job were the loss total to be, say, only 105 games. But guess what? That’d still put him 30+ games under .500 and likely get his butt fired at season’s end. As I’ve said before, Fredi is a problem, but he isn’t THE problem. A team’s talent being so awful that the fetid corpse of Bud Norris was its No. 2 starter when the season started is THE problem. And not even a reanimated John McGraw could get this bunch to play .500 ball over the season.

  7. Terry and Eddie both give the impression of having what it takes to manage at the major league level. However, the Braves need a lot more than just a good manager right now. They are going to have to re-built from top to bottom, on the field and in the office.

  8. I would love to see TP or Eddie Perez get the job as Braves manager although it begs the question of if this is the right time for them. The team as currently constituted is designed to fail. If Fredi gets the axe during the year, would TP or Eddie be able to use the rest of the season as a real audition to keep the job, or would they be seen by Coppolella as placeholders?

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