Open thread, 4/29, the last days of Fredi

Ken Rosenthal says “it’s difficult to imagine (Fredi) surviving past the team’s current eight-game road trip, with the Braves facing the Red Sox, Cubs and Mets.” The Office thinks the guillotine falls on Fredi this Thursday.

While we welcome a new manager, Rosenthal raises a good point that concerns me as well.

If the Braves failed to properly evaluate this year’s roster — an understatement, the way things are turning out — who’s to say their other evaluations can be trusted?

As I write this Aaron Blair just walked his second batter in the inning. Two on, one out and loss #18 seemingly imminent.

Facing Jon Lester, the Braves employ this line-up (Erick Aybar playing 2B today):

Markakis, Castro, Freddie, Garcia, Francoeuer, Flowers, Aybar, Stubbs, Blair


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  1. I’m not sure that Braves management misevaluated the team’s talent so much as it went and signed a bunch of old guys who were lousy last season and therefore cheap because that’s all that could be afforded under Liberty Media’s budget plan, and then hoped for the best. Not that I necessarily trust management’s evaluations or that I would be surprised if the Braves tried to rehire Charlie Dressen, despite his being dead for 50 years.

  2. They’re fielding this team as a bunch of placeholders for the next couple of waves. All of Coppy’s happy talk about Aybar was just so much smoke to be blown up our asses. Same with most of these other marginal spud “veterans”.

    It’s a plan but it’s a little like being on a bread and water diet just to lose weight.

  3. Pepe, That’s kind of my point. I think management knew the talent was no good, but it wasn’t ready to throw the prospects onto the field yet and wasn’t going to tell the public that the team was going to suck big time this season. They’re largely placeholders, but I’ll be durned if I can see who the catcher going forward is going to be or how the outfield situation gets straightened out without dumping a couple of contracts.

    Willie, I was thinking the same thing.

  4. Maybe he had to hop a plane to attend a wedding in Davao and wasn’t going to have time to change.

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