Open thread, 4/28, #Braves vs. the ’62 Mets

As longtime Office reader Tokyokie points out, the 2016 Braves are not only behind the ’88 team’s pace, they’re also trailing the ’62 Mets, who went on to win just 40 games.

Hard to imagine the Braves not winning 40, but I’m skeptical about 50. It’s also looking like a safe bet Fredi won’t be around to see it. In fact, I’d bet that by this time next week Fredi will be gone. It’s an off day, the Braves will be back home, and by then are likely to be than 6-22. That’s assuming they win two of the next seven games, on the road, vs. the Sox, Cubs and Mets.

Lose tonight and they’ll have their second nine-game losing streak of the season. And it’s not even May yet.

The line-up:

Markakis, Castro 5, Garcia 0, Freeman, Pierzynski, Francoeur 7, Peterson 4, Aybar 6, Smith 8. SP: Chacin

The Braves as a team have 709 ABs, the equivalent of a full season (plus 15 or so games): .224-4-68, .297 OBP, .282 slugging.


4 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/28, #Braves vs. the ’62 Mets

  1. Phew! AJ looks like he’s catching a staff of knuckleball pitchers.
    Not sure he can play catch in the backyard anymore.

  2. Suck it Boston! Braves finally win and the Hawks dump the Celtics from the playoffs…and Tom Brady is suspended for 4 games next season. Muahahahahaha!!!!!

    This is all we have to cheer about so far this season… 😦

  3. I figure if a team is going to be remembered for its crapulence, then it might as well go all the way and challenge the ultimate postwar standard for bad baseball. Sort of like the reverse of the Golden State Warriors setting the NBA regular-season total wins record. And even with last night’s win, Friday’s loss to the Little Bears has the local nine a game behind the paces of the 1962 Mets and 1988 Braves. Dream of greatness, guys!

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