#Braves brickbat

  • If the Braves lose tonight they’ll have the same record after 20 games as the infamous ’88 team. No chance they replicate what happened 28 years ago, when Dale Murphy, Ozzie Virgil and Ron Gant all homered, matching the total output of this year’s squad. The Braves beat the Phils to improve to 4-16.
  • The Braves team slugging percentage is .283, lower than the career slugging percentage of former utility infielder Jesse Garcia.
  • The organization has some nice pitching prospects, but none of them projects as an ace. Maybe Sean Newcomb, if he can ever learn to throw strikes consistently. Same with Lucas Sims. But so far neither has turned that corner, or even come close. Newcomb has walked 96 batters in 170 career innings and 14 in 20 IP this year. Sims has 14 BB in 19-2/3 and, for his career, has averaged 4 per 9 IP.
  • We forget that, before Liberty and Time Warner, and before Ted, the Braves were owned by another out-of-town corporation: LaSalle, based in Chicago. They almost moved the team to Toronto in 1976 buy fortunately Bill Bartholomay had a conscience and sold the Braves to Ted for $10 mil.
  • If the 2016 Braves were a movie they’d be “Caddyshack 2,” an unworthy successor to a beloved classic. Instead of Bill Murray (Bobby Cox) they have Dan Aykroyd (Fredi). Ted (Turner) Knight has been replaced by Greg Maffei (aka Robert Stack). Rodney Dangerfield (Leo Mazzone)? More like Jackie Mason (Roger McDowell). Featuring John Coppolella as Spalding.





3 thoughts on “#Braves brickbat

  1. Yes, but the Braves will have to lose the next two to match the pace of the 1962 Mets.

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