Open Thread, 4.22, Hello, #Braves fans, I’m Tim Howell

Hey, guys. Tim Howell here. BRAVES FAN and OPTIMISTIC MAN!! That’s me. So what say we dispense with all the negativity for a little while.

I thought I’d pop over and cheer everybody up — in the midst of this 4-11 start, which is only less than 10 percent of the season. That’s nothing! Anyway, as my granddaddy Lim Fowell used to say, turn that frown upside down.

He didn’t really say that. I wish he did, though. He actually was a very angry man. But that’s a story for another day. ;(

Instead, let’s count our blessins as Braves fans, how bout? Because as a fine broadcaster I know — hint, his name rhymes with mine!! — said(really this time), “There’s a blessin’ in this lesson.” And there are lots of blessin’s in this lesson of the Braves so-so start to the 2016 championship season.

Blessin’ 1. Is it just me or does the team of Powell and Sutton just keep getting better? Nothing I like more than a glass of cold iced tea on my front porch and Jim and Don on my radio on a Hyndai Sunday afternoon! Skip and Pete are great and all, but I’m not sure if Jim and Don might not be even better! I see another two-headed bobblehead in our future, Braves fans!

And that Chip is a hoot!! Does it get any better than him imitating his dad?! And Paul Byrd brings a wonderful ex-player’s insight to his stuff on TV, doesn’t he??!!

Blessin’ 2. SunTrust Park in Cobb County. I can’t wait!!! What do I not like about the move to Cobb? NOTHING. I love everything about it. The park will be closer to my house. (I mean, let’s admit it, it’s a little scary going down to Turner Field.) We’ll even still have our iconic Chic-fil-a cow. But will the cow work on Sundays?!! Just a little funny there, praise Jesus! Keep the Sabbath sacred!

Blessin’ 3. We have wonderful owners in Liberty Media. Did y’all see the ajc story about Mr. Greg Maffie, the head of Liberty? He really cares about our Bravos. And I love that line about not letting their employees wear Rockies gear! LOL!! The man even has a sense of humor. I love it!!!

Blessin’ 4. The fiddler on the roof, as I call him. I tell you what, after a Freddie Freeman home run, there aren’t too many things I enjoy more at a game than listening to The Devil Went Down to Georgia and seeing that guy with the beard wearing the Braves jersey play his fiddle. Cracks me up!!!

OK, guys. I hate to end this on a negative nelly note, but I do have one small criticism. Or let’s call it a suggestion. Lay off Fredi, people! And, you know, the Braves do a pretty good job of saluting our Brave Men and Women in Uniform. But I think they can do even more ! How about we have tributes to the Military between every inning of every game?? I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free!!!

Last thing. See that picture up above of the Braves celebrating a championship? Well, we’re gonna be doing that again soon. Just remember that. Goooooo Braves!!

Lineup: Markakis, Castro 2B, Freddie, Garcia, Pierzynski, KJ LF, Aybar, Smith, Norris.




3 thoughts on “Open Thread, 4.22, Hello, #Braves fans, I’m Tim Howell

  1. let me tell you something, hal phellis in a suit, you can be as optimistic as you want to be, but it don’t mean nothing inside the squared circle. you’ll still get whupped, just like these braves are gonna get whupped about 101 times this year.

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