Is #Braves infield worst in baseball?

Of course Fredi brings in EOF with two on in the 7th to face Corey Seager. And of course Seager singled to left. A fortunate call at home kept it a tie game.

No research required to conclude that Adonis (the Cuban Jim Presley) and Aybar are the worst left side of the infield in baseball. Longtime Braves fans are still haunted by Presley and his 26 errors at the hot corner back in 1990.

Interesting side note: According to ESPN, Braves players are considering contacting the players’ union over the condition of the infield at The Ted. 

The source speculated that with the Braves leaving Turner Field for a new stadium after this season, the playing surface is not being treated with the same meticulous care as in the past and that the problem areas are the uneven grass and the unpredictable area where the turf meets the infield dirt.


One thought on “Is #Braves infield worst in baseball?

  1. Is Ed Mangan still on the job or did they fire him and hire one of Hart’s drinking buddies?

    Nice effort from Matt today and a good one from Julio last night. If handled properly, this could be a decent team someday soon.

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