Open Thread, 4/21, #Braves vs. Income Inequality

Fun fact: The combined 2016 salaries of today’s Braves starting nine is less than the salary of Dodgers starting pitcher Clayton Kershaw. That nugget is also telling about the state of the 2016 Bravos.

LA is rolling out its B team today, to be sure, but the combined payroll of their starting nine is $67 million vs. the home boys’ $25.8 million. Kershaw for his 33 or so starts this year is being paid $32 “sticks,” as Bobby Axelrod in the show “Billions” might say. Anyway, the Dodger owners are paying Kershaw that load of cash because he’s probably the best pitcher in baseball. In case you haven’t heard, the Braves are not the best hitting team in baseball. And our best hitter so far this season, Nick Markakis, is on the pine.

Probably does not much matter. Lefties have hit .188 against Kershaw in his career. But then righties have hit .210 against him.

Don’t be surprised if Wisler throws a good game. And a single baseball game is hard to predict, of course, yet pretty much nothing points toward a Braves win. Here I’m tempted to write, “So they’ll go out and beat LA 10-2.” But I just can’t see that happening.

The lineup: Aybar, Castro, Freddie, Garcia, Flowers, Francoeur, Stubbs, Smith, Wisler.


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