Open thread, 4/18, #Braves vs. management

*Turns out Williams Perez will start tonight instead of Julio.

It doesn’t matter, in terms of judging the trade, that Hector Olivera didn’t beat up a woman. Or that Alex Wood and Jose Peraza have thus far underachieved. Last year’s deal with the Dodgers was still a colossally dumb move.

Wood and Peraza should’ve fetched more than an oft-injured Cuban import on the wrong side of 30. If Olivera was the best they could do then they should’ve just stood pat. Certainly there’s room for Wood and Peraza on this year’s roster. And neither one would be under contract through 2020 at a cost of more than $30 million.

If Olivera is indeed guilty, the Braves should cut bait. The Rockies reportedly are considering releasing alleged wife beater Jose Reyes, who’s owed $48 million over the next two years. Assuming both men are guilty, let’s hope the Rockies set a precedent that the Braves will follow.

Back to tonight’s game … Julio needs a good start. (Ya think?) He’s in danger of becoming the latest Braves pitcher, following the likes of Jair Jurrjens and Tommy Hanson, who’ve regressed under Roger McDowell’s watch.

As The AJC’s Mark Bradley wrote last summer, “McDowell isn’t known as a mechanical engineer, if you will. He’s the best in the business at identifying hitters’ weaknesses; he’s seen as less skilled with delivery issues.”

Julio’s struggles demonstrate that the Braves need a new pitching coach as much as they need a new manager.

Quoting Bradley again: “Under McDowell, who has been in place since 2006, this organization has yet to take a promising pitcher and render him a year-upon-year ace.”

Tonight’s line-up:

Markakis, Castro, Freddie, Adonis, Francoeur, Flowers, Aybar, Mallex, Perez



5 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/18, #Braves vs. management

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  1. For reasons that completely elude me, McDowell seems to be rather well respected in the fanbase. I’ve always been deeply skeptical of him and I definitely wanted to shitcan him after the thing in San Francisco, especially since we had Dave Wallace in place to take over.

  2. So it would seem to me that McDowell’s shortcomings in teaching pitching mechanics would not merely explain the lack of development among the organization’s pitchers, but the plethora of arm injuries as well. Which is why I think the organization should consider hiring Mike Maddox at season’s end, and his bringing along his brother. Or vice versa.

  3. That’s why I’d prefer to see the team wait until season’s end to replace Fredi. Replace him now, and the choices are limited, and it won’t make a significant difference in where the club finishes.

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