Open Thread, 4/17, #Braves vs. .500

Will the Braves reach the break-even mark in 2016? It’s hard to envision this squad playing six games over .500 ball for any extended stretch. Of course that’s what it’ll take to reach the .500 mark for the season, as of today.

It’s fun to win. We should probably enjoy each victory to the fullest. About last night: I didn’t see this addressed in any game stories, but I wonder if Grilli pitched around Yelich in the 9th with two outs to get to Stanton. I know. It sounds nonsensical. But Yelich is scorching hot and Stanton had already fanned thrice last night and hasn’t done much in the series.

And after walking Yelich, Grilli carved up Stanton rather handily with three perfectly-located pitches, to end the game. Maybe the Braves wouldn’t want to acknowledge pitching around Yelich to bring up Stanton as the go-ahead run. Normally that tactic would be lunacy, but it seemed reasonable last night.

We’ll see today if Chacin can duplicate his sterling effort of a few days ago. His offense: Markakis, Aybar, Freddie, Garcia, Pierzynski, KJ 2b, Peterson LF, Mallex, Chacin.


5 thoughts on “Open Thread, 4/17, #Braves vs. .500

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  1. I really like Chacin’s mound presence. It’s Maddux and Glavine’s fault/credit but I now gravitate toward guys who act like they’re doing exactly what they mean to be doing out there. Stuff is great but I like an in control attitude, too.

  2. Thanks for your blog posts. They’re both enjoyable and insightful.

    It’s another day at the Office.

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