Open Thread, 4.15, #Braves vs. History

Fredi’s no genus. His staunchest defenders would admit that. But a scientist could concoct a robot combining the minds and temperament of Joe Torre, Whitey Herzog, Bobby Cox, and Tony LaRussa, and that robot would be lucky to win 65 games with this roster.

I’ve gently defended Fredi. He’s a lousy tactician, to be sure. And if he gets the boot, so be it. I think it’d be a good move. But some of the quotes from the brass — especially ¬†Schuerholz on this being at least a .500 team — are nauseating. If they fire Fredi and pretend like they gave him the tools and he flubbed it, then Hart, Coppy and JS are a pack of spineless, lying pussies.

Fredi’s not an adept manager. But by all accounts and appearances, he’s a good, fair man who deals forthrightly with players and others. He might deserve to be relieved of his duties, but he doesn’t deserve blame for this woeful team. If the pubescent-sounding GM and his bosses try to make Fredi some kind of scapegoat, shame on them.

No problem here if they fire him. He’s had his chances with decent teams and now with a superfund site of a roster. He has proven he is less than stellar in both situations.

So dump him. But please don’t pretend it’s all his fault. Because it obviously isn’t.

Williams Perez will try to help the 2016 Brav00000000s (thanks, Dirty Rhodes) avoid the dubious distinction of tying the worst start in Atlanta Braves history. Who the hell knows what’ll happen. The lineup inspires little to no confidence, but what possible lineup right now would inspire any confidence?

Markakis, Castro SS, Freddie, Garcia, Beckham, Francoeur LF, Flowers, Stubbs CF, Perez.


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  1. He’s thrown multiple players (Freeman early in his career, Wood more recently) under the bus in his postgame comments. He’s got a definitive “Don’t Blame Me” attitude, even if it’s mostly sub rosa and implied, when it comes to dealing with his players. He’s the precise opposite of Bobby in that regard. In short, he has all of Bobby’s flaws and none of his positive character traits.

    Yes, Schuerholz and Hart are mendacious pricks of long standing (and Coppolella seems to be out of that same mold, as well) and yes this roster is a mess but Gonzalez wore out any patience I had for his act long ago and he doesn’t get extra points for being a better person than any of the three Johns.

  2. I’m with Pepe. It’s nice that Fredi scraped the ice off Bobby’s driveway that time but I’m not going to lose any sleep over his dismissal.

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