#FireFredi dream soon to become reality?

This week Deadspin and The AJC’s Mark Bradley joined the chorus of critics who think Fredi Gonzalez is not very adept at this managing thing.  This morning, on Buster Olney’s podcast, USA Today’s Bob Nightengale opined that Bud Black will replace Fredi, something The Office first predicted 10 months ago.

Actually, that was more wishful thinking than a prediction. But I’m starting to believe we’re witnessing Fredi’s final stand, especially after reading this exchange between Mark Bowman and Coppy.

MLB.com: Is manager Fredi Gonzalez’s job in danger if this losing continues?

Coppolella: We care about Fredi, and we all hope we can turn things around and start winning games. That will take pressure off everybody.

Not sure if I’m giving them too much credit, but I suspect the front office was setting up Fredi to fail with their optimistic takes on 2016.

Here’s JS  from last October, “I think we’re going to be really good. I can’t put a number on it. Let’s say at least a .500 team. I know that. That’s what I believe.”

While most Braves fans welcome a new skipper, many will argue that it makes little difference who fills out the line-up card. Certainly a power hitter or solid starter would matter more, but managers do have an impact. And I gotta believe Fredi inspires as little confidence in his players as he does the fans.

Bradley does a good job chronicling Fredi’s missteps in 2016. Last June, we made the case for change, spotlighting “Five Days of Fredi Haas.”  We’ve been beating that drum for years.

So why Bud Black? He’s close to John Hart, who hired him as a special assistant after Black’s retirement from playing. He may not be my first choice but is well-regarded within the game and, from the times I’ve heard him interviewed, Black is considerably more cerebral than Fredi. Really, he can’t be worse.

Fredi is the game’s only Hispanic manager, which is embarrassing for MLB. Hopefully Hart and Coppy will cast a wide net that includes top managerial prospects Dave Martinez (former Brave, Joe Maddon’s right-hand man) and Alex Cora (widely regarded as bright, well-informed and a hard worker).

As for Eddie Perez … The Office is a big fan but believe at this point an outside voice makes more sense. He’s also very close with Fredi and considers him a mentor.




3 thoughts on “#FireFredi dream soon to become reality?

  1. Dave Martinez would be terrific. All of Maddon’s virtues and none of his flaws.

    I’d be cool with Black, too. Most anyone from the Royals glory years is someone that I will respect.

  2. My Greek grandfather would tell me that the fish always rots from the head. I’d feel better if it were J.S. getting the boot, and I’m no fan of Fredi Haas.

  3. This season is already over. Fire Fredi now, and the team loses 102 instead of 110. So what? Wait until the end of the season when the choices for Fredi’s replacement are more extensive, and make a play for the Maddox brothers. Can’t do that as long as Mike is the Nationals pitching coach.

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