Mid-game Open Thread, 4.14, #Braves vs. Darkness

The lights are growing dim. Julio, so far, is no good. If he’s no good, the Braves may not win 50 games. So far they’ve won none and that appears almost certain not to change today.

Twenty minutes ago I was thinking, “Hmm. Braves are up 1-0 and Julio looked pretty sharp through the first couple innings.” Ah, well. A two-out Harper grand slam, a quick inning by Strasburg, a 700-foot homer by Ramos and it’s 5-1 but feels like 25-1.

Fredi started Peterson in left today. Seems an odd move, but hey, he got a hit. Look out Andres Thomas, Terry Blocker, Ozzie Virgil, Kevin Coffman, Rick Mahler, German Jiminez and you ’88 Braves. The 2016 edition is coming.



8 thoughts on “Mid-game Open Thread, 4.14, #Braves vs. Darkness

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  1. I just showed up at a sports bar to get something to eat, and lo and behold, the Braves are on TV. May be the last time this season. When do we play the Twins? This team could be 10 games out of first before the season is 2 weeks old.

  2. The upcoming series with Miami is the best shot the Braves have for winning a series for the rest of the month. Before April is out, they’ll have the Dodgers, Mets, Red Sox and Cubs to face. Is anyone placing odds that Fredi will be gone by May?

  3. I think charlesad is selling this year’s Braves short. Challenging the ’88 Braves’ haplessness? Pshaw! The Braves have the same record after 9 games as did the ’62 Mets.

  4. I could be wrong, but it looks like the Braves’ record for consecutive losses is 17 in 1977. The major league (post 1900) record is 23 by the ’61 Phillies, most of which I would have been listening to on the radio as an eighth grader in Philly. You get used to it, although it did make me permanently cynical.

  5. Good one, Dirty. And Gary, you’re right about the ‘ 77 squad. The ’88 Braves were the worst starting Atlantas, at 0-10. That mark is in jeopardy, obviously.

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