Open thread, 4/12, #Braves vs. Jody Hices

Are these Braves as bad as the ’88 version, which started the season 0-10? I’m beginning to think so.

Only 1,938 showed up at Fulco to watch the 7th game of the ’88 season vs. the Astros. Zane Smith promptly allowed three runs in the first, but the Braves evened the score in the bottom half against Nolan Ryan. And then gave it up in the top of the 2nd. Sound familiar?

Mallex is back in the line-up. So is Jeff Francoeur, making his Braves debut in LF for Hector Olivera, who actually looks worse this year. And the right-handed half of the worst platoon in Braves history, Gordon Beckham, gets the nod at 2B.

Beckham and Jace Peterson, who make Keith Lockhart and Tony Graffanino look like Chris Chambliss and Bob Watson in comparison, have 3 hits and 3 walks in 24 ABs.

The line-up:

Smith 8, Markakis 9, Freeman 3, Garcia 5, Francoeur 7, Aybar 6, Flowers 2, Beckham 4, Chacin 1.



7 thoughts on “Open thread, 4/12, #Braves vs. Jody Hices

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  1. You mentioned a few weeks ago that trading for Hector Olivera not only cost the Braves Alex Wood and José Pedraza, Olivera’s contract is such a drag that the team couldn’t seriously bid for Yoenis Céspedes’ services. But the team’s desperation to unload Chris Johnson’s contract led Coppy to acquire two even worse contracts to get rid of him. The Indians ate the $17 million remaining on Johnson’s deal fairly soon after the 2015 season ended, while the Braves hung onto Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn in the grim hope that somebody would want to acquire their fetid corpses. (They’re both still available for the MLB minimum.) The Braves are paying $9 million of what Bourn is owed this year (I don’t think they’ll have to worry about his $12 million vesting option), and a good chunk of the $15 million Swisher is due. It would have been cheaper just to cut Johnson’s lame ass, and the cost savings might have been enough that the team could have signed a mid-rotation guy like Yovani Gallardo (whom the Orioles picked up for $22 million over 2 years).

    In other words, Coppy’s propensity for acquiring lousy contracts has saddled the club with Olivera rather than Céspedes in left and Bud Norris rather than Wood and Gallardo in the starting rotation. Any wonder why this team has yet to win a game this season?

  2. These Braves might be as bad as the ’88 Orioles. 0-20 looks very reachable for this bunch, maybe even 0-33 the way their schedule is set up.

  3. It keeps getting better. Now Olivera is being investigated for beating a woman in his hotel room. Coppy, being the weasel that he is, will probably whisper to his friends in the press that it’s Wren’s fault.

  4. Dirty, what are you doing with yourself these days? Your stint on Braves pregame a few years ago didn’t last long. What’d you do? Piss off Jerome Jurinovich?

  5. hey office, the bottom line is i got funky like a monkey in the wrong area code. not even the atomic elbow could straighten out the mess i made, baby. had to get outta town in my tom stimus chevy fan faster than a bag of cheetos in a wal-mart breakroom.

  6. roadrunner, Well, most of the Braves’ current troubles ARE the fault of Wren. And although the acquisition of Olivera was Coppy’s doing, the Braves’ inexplicably high regard for Olivera was largely based on scouting reports compiled by the same crack staff that thought Jason Hursh should be a first-round draft choice.

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