Evaluating the #Braves’ ‘monetization thesis’

So how does ownership view the team’s winless start?

It’ll be awhile,” Liberty Media Chairman John Malone said to laughter upon being asked when the Braves will win their first game of the season. “Listen, we’re rebuilding.”

I’m surprised he knew that much. Clearly the Braves’ on-field performance isn’t a big concern to the media mogul, who probably doesn’t know the difference between Fredi and Freddie.

Malone also was asked what he thinks of Forbes magazine’s recent valuation of the Braves at $1.18 billion.

“I don’t have a clue,” he replied. “We’ll see shortly (when the Braves stock begins trading). We’ll see what the market puts on it and decide how efficient our monetization thesis is.

“Now, keep in mind the Braves now are a fairly major real-estate business as opposed to just a baseball club.”

He was referring to the mixed-use development, The Battery Atlanta, being built alongside the team’s Cobb County stadium, SunTrust Park. Both the stadium and the development are slated to open next year.

“I personally think that these are good real-estate assets, not just for the team but just as a broad development project,” Malone said. “It does give the team more heft. It gives the vision more heft than just the club itself.”

These are the guys Bud Selig preferred having in the game over, for instance, Mark Cuban. Score another one for The Used Car Salesman’s pitiable legacy.


5 thoughts on “Evaluating the #Braves’ ‘monetization thesis’

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  1. I had to look up the words “Zenith” and “Pinnacle.” Pinnacle applies. As in, Liberty Media is the pinnacle of shitty, bloodless, corporate ownership.

  2. Deciding he was running a real estate developer instead of a baseball club is what brought financial ruin to Tom Hicks.

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